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April Berg's Journal

16th January, 2003. 10:38 pm. I am scared

Well, I went to the doctor the other day, and found out that Josh (the baby) is about 9 lbs. He is gaining about a pound a week and that mean that next week if I haven't had him yet he will be 10 lbs. Well, the doctor said that Josh might be to big for me to deliever naturally because my frame down there is a bit smaller. I am so freaked. If I have to have a C-section that means it will take up to 3 weeks to heal. 2 of those weeks bed rest, and 4 of those days probley in the hospital. That just doesn't sound good. Not to mention I still have to have my gall bladder surgery, and my wisdom teeth pulled. I have a huge questoin at hand. Which goes like this.......

If I have to have a c-section the doctor can do it one of two ways...

1st- Bikini cut which means that it is a lower and smaller cut and I could still give birth naturally with my next child (years down the road). The recovery time is no different than the other c-section.

2nd- He could cut higher and not only take the baby out but also take my gall bladder out. This is taking care of 2 things at once so I wouldn't have to have gall bladder surgery later. Still the same recovery time as the 1st kind of cut. However, I would have to have a c-section with all the rest of my children and would not have the option to ever give birth naturally, since the cut would be bigger and higher.

Those are my choices when it comes to having a c-section done.. Please everyone pray that I can just give birth naturally. I must say I am thinking the bikini cut seems like a better choice to me because I want the option to give birth naturally. I knew I had to have gall bladder surgery anyways right??

Okay well enough for now.. Oh,,, by the way,, I had a dream last night that Josh had like 6 inch feet when he was born,, also that each foot weighted a pound... I havent been able to stop thinking about it all day... Freaky dream.....

buh bye everyone

Current mood: worried.

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9th January, 2003. 6:58 pm. It have been a long time

I have been trying to see my freinds page on LJ and my internet connection keeps disconnecting.. That is just aggravating. For anyone who doesn't already know I haven't had the litte guy yet. My doctor keeps moving my date back. My mood swings have gotten pretty bad lately,, my emotions are everywhere, and I am a whale. I can't wait till I can have Josh,, see him, love him, hold him, and I know my honey can't wait either. The nursery is all set up and the hospital bag is packed and we are as ready as we could be, we are just waiting for Josh. Anyways, I really haven't been in too much of a talkative mood lately I guess when it comes to it I jump online to check a few emails and then write back and then I realize I could be taking a nap so I get offline and take a nap :). It is nothing personal I will be wrting again soon, however I need to go take that nap i was jsut talking about..

nighty night

Current mood: aggravated.

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18th November, 2002. 9:53 pm. LOVEY

I love my little guy so much. I can't wait till he is here. My mom and I went to register at target for baby stuff for my baby shower coming up. I just loved looking at the little clothes and everything. She got Josh a little outfit for when he comes home from the hospital and it is adorable. It is this white fluffy outfit with a little hat that had ears and oh it is just precious. I was sitting at home cleaning and things like that and I saw the bag we got last night. So I opened it and held the little outfit as if Josh was already in it. (hope that doesn't make me sound nuts). I just can't wait till he is really here. Just to have him in my arms and see his sweet little face. I am just feeling so good right now. My honey felt Josh move last night in my tummy he gets such a big smile on his face when he feels it. I love it. My honey is great he is going to be a wonderful father. We are both already such proud parents. I love this feeling, I guess it is a feeling a mom gets. I wish everyone could feel the love I have for my little guy it is amazing.

Lots of love april

Current mood: excited.

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4th November, 2002. 6:38 pm. A DAY OFF

OH MY GOD<< I HAVE A DAY OFF.. It is amazing.. Well, actually it just feels kinda good cause I have been working quite a bit,, and I will be working quite a bit this week too. I am starving.. My tummy is growling. I should find some food.. I just wanted to post something since TODAY IS MY DAY OFF>>>. buh bye

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26th October, 2002. 1:22 am. Breaking News (actually from about 3 weeks ago that I just thought of now)

Just incase anyone cares... In canada they are SERIOUSLY considering legalizing the sweet cheeba. I believe the artical I read said something about people being able to buy it like cigaretts and alcohol,, however you would only have to be 16 not 18 not 21?? Anyways it would probley take years and years to pass,, but just thought I would write about it. If it was legal I think I would much rather smoke a joint than drink alcohol.. For many reasons. Anyways,, I am going to bed I hurt my back today cleaning (i did end up feeling much much better).

bye bye :)

Current mood: hopeful.

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25th October, 2002. 6:25 pm. Yucky Feeling in my tummy

OOOOOHHHH ahhhh moan moan,,,

I just ate a bowl of spagettioos and I feel sick. I have been up since early this morning. My honey and I have been cleaning and doing some projects around the apartment. We have put these things off for quite sometime and we can't anymore. I decided to take a dinner break when he left to go to work.
moan moan
I don't want to feel ill. Hopefully it passes. Anyways, I need to move, if I don't there is no chance of it ever happening :).
buh bye

Current mood: nauseated.

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24th October, 2002. 6:53 pm. Its rainy outside

"I've found out why people laugh. They laugh because
it hurts so much . . .
because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting."
~ Robert A. Heinlein ~

I just came across that and decided to add it to my journal today. I have had a normal day for the most part. I have been singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina (that is spelled completely wrong I am sure) for about an hour now on the top of my lungs. No clue why its just the song that came to me.. Then I started singing to my kitty, she is not in the same room as me anymore.

I have been really stressed out lately.. There is alot to think about with what happend the other day and just about everything,, which i still don't want to get into right now. It has to do with my job,, no more details..

I thought today I would add a poem i wrote just for the heck of it cause umm well i don't know just cause.. I was looking around the internet and came across a story about this girl who was date raped and it just got to me. I felt so sorry for her poor girl. I guess I just wanted to add the poem cause it brought up some feelings I once had before.....

A Piece Of Ass

12 beers down and one on the way
Is that how you see me
Drunk off my ass
Not knowing whats going on
You used me and fucked me
Like I am just some shit
You'll never really know me
You'll never really feel me
It makes my stomach turn
Knowing your give two shits less
And when you see me
Will you realize what you did
Do you realize it hurts
To know you took something so special
That I can never get back
And you and I can't change it
Do you realize I how mad I am at you
I guess being drunk and passed out mean yes
I can feel your hands still on me
And I cringe
And you just fuck someone new
But this world doesn't revolve around one
It all comes back somehow
And yeah you got a peice of ass
But, you got it the shitty way..

Anway that was a long time ago,, LONG TIME AGO,,

Current mood: sympathetic.

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23rd October, 2002. 10:53 pm. trying to break out with my fetish

I had a horrible horrible day yesterday.. so horrible infact that i don't want to talk about it. Today,, I got to do something I don't normally get to do.. BUY PENS..... I know this might sound crazy to some of you people out there but it is a fetish of mine. I love them.. Some people collect baseball cards,, some bones, some play cars, some stamps,, well i collect and love pens. The new pens that I got today were made by Sanford and were called Uniball Gel Grip. The pic I got off the internet is not exactly the ones I got cause the colors are off, but the colors are navy blue, brown, maroon, hunters green, and dark purple. I just was excited and it made me forget what hell yesterday was. Which I will talk about soon, I just don't want to think about it too much right now. So hooray for pen :P:). Now you guys out there who read my posts know what to get me for christams j/k..

buh bye

Current mood: amused.

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17th October, 2002. 11:03 pm. Some random quiz results

What Breed of Dog Are You?

April, you're a Cocker Spaniel!

No bones about it, you're a perky, loving Cocker Spaniel. (Think Lady from Lady and the Tramp.) Playful and energetic, you're a real people person — er, dog. People can't help but fall hook, line, and sinker for your friendly, well-rounded personality and natural charm.

Cocker Spaniel

No bones about it, you're a perky, loving Cocker Spaniel. (Think Lady from Lady and the Tramp.) Playful and energetic, you're a real people person — er, dog. People can't help but fall hook, line, and sinker for your friendly, well-rounded personality and natural charm. It's a subtle thing, though — being outgoing and flirtatious, not showy, is the name of your game. Friends, co-workers, and potential dates can't help liking you. How could they not? Your winning-yet-humble ways make you popular, admired, and a joy to be around. Woof!

What tv parent are you

Aprils Results-Meet The Parents

Warn the little league umpires. We can already hear your voice in the stands, explaining why the second baseman missed the tag on your little slugger. Your parenting style is like the Blythe Danner and Robert De Niro characters in Meet the Parents. You're your kids' biggest fans, and even though you put on a gruff front to the outside world (like when you interrogate your kids' dates) your prodigies know that at heart you're just a big softie.

It wouldn't surprise us if you slide them a second piece of pie when no one else is looking. It's ok to use your overprotective nature to shield your kids from lessons that hit you hard. Just remember to give them enough room to make their own mistakes. That's when they'll come back to you for more advice. The parenting style you share with the Meet the Parents parents contains a blend of overprotective, yet conspiratorial charm that's sure to let your kids know that they are loved.

I don't know about either of these,, but I love Cocker Spaniels. They are adorable... :P

Current mood: mellow.

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15th October, 2002. 5:23 pm. hmmmmm

I am not sure about this journal anymore. I think I will keep it a bit longer,, but I dont know if I am really getting anything out of it. Maybe I am just not the journal entry kind of person. I dont know.


Current mood: annoyed.

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